saving our sons from superheroes, slackers, and other media stereotypes

Praise for PB

“The authors of Packaging Boyhood make a strong case that the media is selling our sons a steady diet of distorted dreams:  power, domination, misogyny, pornography and self-mutilation. I found Packaging Boyhood to be a well researched, thought-provoking study of the media's attempts to stereotype boys.  As someone who worries about the academic underachievement of boys, I was particular interested in the marketing of the "slacker" image to a generation of our sons.”- Michael Thompson, Ph.D., author of Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys and It's a Boy! Your Son's Development from Birth to Eighteen “How exciting that these three gifted and knowledgeable authors have joined forces to illuminate the predicament of boys in our culture. Their subtle and nuanced analysis goes way beyond the usual focus on sex and violence, and their examples are compelling. Best of all, they offer practical and realistic advice and strategies for change.  Parents of boys will treasure this book, and others will find it valuable too.”- Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., author of Can't Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel and So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can Do to Protect Their Kids "Parents, look no further: PACKAGING BOYHOOD is your one-stop shop for how to guide your son through the media maelstrom that he loves -- and that drives you crazy. This book offers realistic conversation starters, whip-smart insights about 21st century boyhood, and the strategies you need to parent intelligently."– Rachel Simmons, bestselling author of Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls “An eagerly welcomed sibling to PACKAGING GIRLHOOD, PACKAGING BOYHOOD is informative, accessible, and above all a must-read for any parent, educator, and caring adult concerned with our boys’ well-being.”- Dafna Lemish, Ph.D., editor of Journal of Children and Media “Packaging Boyhood is one of the most important books ever written about the inner world of boys. Sharon Lamb, Lyn Mikel Brown, and Mark Tappan challenge all caring adults to educate our sons about the pervasive power of the media and to give our boys strategies for countering the harmful images of boyhood and masculinity that they receive on a daily basis.”- Mark S. Kiselica, Ph.D.,  Past President, Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, coauthor of Counseling Troubled Boys “Every parent of a son needs to know about the world of boys in twenty-first century America.  It is a world in which boys are bombarded with harmful, damaging messages that come to them via movies, advertisements, music, fashion, and a host of other pop culture sources.  The desire of every parent is to help our children enjoy childhood and grow into responsible, balanced adults.  But to do so today we need to help boys deal with the stereotypes of the superhero, the playa, the slacker, and other roles that can harm our sons.  In Packaging Boyhood, Lyn Mikel Brown, Sharon Lamb and Mark Tappan give parents—and grandparents— exactly the information and guidance we need in order to help our boys make their way safely through the pop culture minefields.”- Carmine Sarracino, Ph.D., author of The Porning of America: The Rise of Porn Culture, What It Means, and Where We Go from Here “A thoughtful and provocative look at just how ruthlessly the media and marketing industries target boys, the negative consequences of that targeting, and what we can do about it.  Essential reading for parents and anyone who cares about how childhood shapes the adults our children become.”- Susan Linn, Ed.D., author of Consuming Kids: Protecting Our Children from the Onslaught of Marketing and Advertising and The Case for Make Believe:  Saving Play in a Commercialized World